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Me, myself and I


Dahh! desu.

My LJ page is not very interesting... so here's a kind of intro for the curious people who bumped into me.

- I speak fluently French. Only. So do not expect too much with my English >_<'' gomen! I'll try to practice more here.
- I understand Cantonese, but I can't read Chinese...bouhouhou *hide in a corner*
- I've learn a little bit Japanese because Nihon ga suki! Arashi ga daisuki!

I studied in food science. I love chocolate and food in general. My life is all about FOOD!
My big dream/project is to travel to Japan and I made it (twice)!! Japan was wonderful!!! I want to go back again! XD

Arashi is the reason why I have an LJ account. My journal is almost empty, but I'm here only because I joined different communities with awesome members who share their hard work so I can enjoy Arashi's tvshow. THANK YOU!! I can't create anything nor do subs, so I admire a lot the hardworking fangils all over the world! Saiko desu, houtoni! Since I'm not very talented with posting and computer stuff in general, I feel bad that I can't contribute much...

But in real life, I'm an active volunteer for my local anime convention! Thanks to the team, I'm also learning more English. =)

I read seinen manga... I'm obsessed with Ikigami right now. Motorou Mase is a genuis. (edit; I'm still waiting the next Ikigami, but meanwhile, I got Pluto of Naoki Urasawa-san! :D I'm so happy to be able to buy this! And now, I'm drooling on Billy Bat hehe)
hmm and I get annoyed by most of...
(I love you but you don't like me, you like my bestfriend but I think there's something else between me and her too...*big eyes, static poses and sakura flowers in background for 10 pages* UHhhg.)
and shonen (neketsu neketsu neketsu! I have to save the world or I have to be the best of all because... because! friendship is the most important thing in the world, apart the fact that I have to be the best of course. and as accessories, here's my friends and some sexy-but-brainless chicks. UHhhgg...)

Ahemmm.... I can type an essay about my opinion on manga, but no...because it's not the purpose of this post (what am I doing here...?!)
Anyways... I definitively don't know how to make a intro post >_> and I'm freaking slow in English, dame!

Summary: Feel free to comment and talk to me if you speak FRENCH, if you love FOOD, if you love JAPAN, if you like SEINEN, if you think that Ohno Satoshi is the awesomeness who re-define the statue of idol in JE. => this is probably the reason why I have a LJ account now!

yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Second Japan trip

Again, I was able to go to the land of my dreams :)

This time it's thanks to a friend who was having a session in Japan to learn Japanese!
I stayed at her place, it was a bit far from Tokyo, but hey, free!

Unfortunately, my job didn't allow me to have more than 2 weeks vacations, so it passed very very fast! (too fast!!)

I bought this figurine in Akiba. :P

This is so Japanese... !?

I don't know if a lot of people will have the same images in mind when they think about it... but since my knowledge is partially influenced by manga (and travel guides, lol)... well.. this is "very Japanese" to me! :P Not exclusive tho~

Next to the Manga Museum, the Cafe's wall is decorated by famous mangaka's drawing! Nausicaa de la vallée du vent~~~
Kaiten-zushi is inexpensive and fun, yay! With Shinkansen (express bullet train) for special orders made with the touch screen :O

Pachinko = Devil D: Gambling with little balls surrounded by noise and smoke. A huge one, with weird futuristicgly-annoying-lights.

How to behave in the train. (do it again? what?)                                                  How to be totally otaku by going there to see this
Not very accurate since some trains have "delimited" seats?                                because of 20th Century boys (Urasawa Naoki).
                                                               How to park your car. (small cars only :P)

Note; There's absolutly nothing to do at the Expo center (last pic)! We can't even go inside the tower! Only interesting when Sakura flowers are blowing (picnic). But this place is pretty far... >_>

JAPAN ~ Michelin likes Tokyo <3

News of this week: Tokyo has retained title as Michelin's gourmet capital!
Agree! But why only Tokyo? the whole country is UMAI

This is from Kyoto... :D                                                              This is from Hokkaido... :D :D


Omurice in Shinjuku, fine, Tokyo!
                                             I like cute food! Chibi Taiyaki desu yo~


Hm... boring day... I'm tired too...lets get sweets!

Because I like sweets! *gnom* (I made them!)

JAPAN - time for milk tea and takoyaki

Lalala~~~~ FOOD!

It was the first thing I bought in Japan :D Japanese food are seriously good, no matter what or where you get it. <3 (and most of the time, it's not expensive! hmm fruits are expensive (and perfect)!

I'm sick, ughh.. T_T

I can't focus on my everyday life....thinking about my Japanese friends. Please take care minna-san!!!
Sounds random? sounds stupid like if I just discover the truth? Actually, YES! IT'S THE CASE!
When I realised it, I was like that:

And guess what! I mean guess who they are?! Tips!

One's a famous japanese idol, with many nicknames including one that everybody, from young kids to ojiisan and obaasan, know. He's reaching 30 years old, but looks like a mid 20s and will probably stay like this for the next decade. He's even actually playing the role of a young boy, prince of a world where live creatures and weirdos. He's reversing the process of ageing. He's qualified cute. and huggable, and tiny, and cute. cute ojjisan.

Well, I really really like him. But it's not because I saw him pouting or giving fanservice with his mates, no. I knew his voice first. [I'm pretty proud of that fact. The fact that I listen to the songs first, without any knowledge about those idols... and find out an amazing voice from an...idol. I was not and I'm still not a fan of jpop instant celebrities.]

So I fell in love with a voice. Then, I saw the variety shows. I fell for the bakaness and the dorkiness. Finally, I discovered that it was the same person. And this person is ALSO an amazing dancer, artist, actor and everything else that makes you wonderful on tv. But the best is the fact that he's so humble. His personality is adorable. He loves breads, but since a few years already, he's having a crush with fishes. Tsuribaka we named him. But he deserve his first and best nickname; Leader. And he is, leading by not doing it on purpose.
大野 智 desu.
From Arashi, currently throwing a storm over Asia.

The other one? Singer, Cantonese, Not very popular but yet known in HK. He's my fascination for the past 3 years. I've been watching some Chinese music program tvshow with my mom... It was a ceremony, awards for the best HK singers. I knew almost all of them, except the newbies and the old ones. Winners had to sing live their hit. Everybody was well dressed and sparkles everywhere. A guy, a rapper-looking guy, won an award. I was O_o, not because he's handsome, not because he seems original... I was O_o because it's RARE for a rapper to win anything in the hong kong music industry. (well, we have Fama now *heart* =D) 

Well Well... He didn't sing a hip-hop song. He sang a ballad! a ballad! What the hell? .. ... .... .... wait a minute. It was live. it was awesome. He was a newcomer but not a newbie in the music industry. He's from Macau, he had a group before, with his great friend. Then, he make it in HK, solo artist, with his powerful voice. I looked on internet to find him. I was looking for this voice, this sublime voice.

Only with his voice. He's not handsome nor cute. He's not young, he doesn't dance, he doesn't showoff on tv or radio or during lives, he doesn't act. (now, a little bit, but it's really minor roles in not-so-impressive movies made for young people) He's a shy creature, a simple mind and a true singer in his heart. He's a nice guy. But fans don't need nice guys. They want handsome and cool idols. And he's not. That's why he's not THAT popular despite his talent. *cry* He deserve more!! I hope he will survive in the cruel world of entertainment. I'm waiting his third album. Hope it will come! Please pleaaaase, make a big hit!!! I'm afraid to think that he might disappear in a few years if nobody sells him.

There's no information about him... I can't read chinese. He's using a nickname since his debut. It's easy to remember and it's kinda cute. 
小肥 means "little fat". LOL. He's not little (nor tall) and he's not fat (but he's not slim). He said it was his nickname when he was young because he used to be a little chubby. He still thinks that he's a 小肥 because he doesn't have the superstar look. I don't care! We don't care, right?!? He's singer, not actor nor tv announcer! What was I talking about again....ah yeah. his name. I found it like... just recently!! His real name is....

徐智勇  aka Terence, Siu Fay (小肥)

It's not Satoshi. I can't read chinese... Wikipedia said it's "chui zhi yong" in cantonese. So 智 is pronounced "zhi", which is a big mystery of chinese pronounciation for me.

So M. Chui aka Little fat, my favourite canto artist, has in his first name the kanji of the first name of my favourite japanese artist.
It's not a big deal for the world.
It's a mecha super big deal for me!

Then, I realised how similar they are. I mean, Siu Fay is not a super famous good-looking idol... but his powerful voice reminds me Ohno-san. They are both shy and humble, not talking despite they are on tv. Siu Fay had some cameo roles in films and all of them are weirdos lol.... but he seems to have potential. Not biased. He can probably do much more if he gets the opportunities.

徐智勇 san and 大野智 san, you're both amazing and I'm looking foward your next projects!!!

P.S. I'm sorry for mistakes and poor english... I'm still trying my best!

Drawing; Detective Conan part 3


Hm... not so much to say... hm... I'm a little bit late, but whatever. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! I've ate a lot of different food today, made by a bunch of friends at the residence's kitchen. Residence's kitchen is fun. Really. But but but... why do I have to be sick now! =__= still, I got a chocolate cookie and chocolate cake~~~ <3 Yeah! I've also made chocolate/maple syrup candy cookies to share with everyone. I should upload pics here. Yup, I'll do it!

*changing randomly subject*
poping out of no where, a drawing, for fun. Handsome young man Shinichi became chibi Conan, but still cho kakkoi ne!

Drawing; Detective Conan part 2


An another one, a small but still very cute and I like the "balance" in this "picture" which was originally in an angle. But my scanner has decided to fix it automatically. Well well... still copying from the manga hehe.

Is it me or Conan is wayyy cuter than the girl? poor girl.... lol. I'm a sadist. Yaaa.... natsukashi yo!